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Hi, I’m Hillary, the author of Win the Reading Game and the coaching book for parents called, Real Boys Read. Before becoming a full-time writer, I taught literacy for over 20 years.

Your first thought probably is, “But she’s a girl. What can she possibly understand about why I hate to read?”

A very valid point and early in my teaching career I believed it, too. 

That is until I started noticing BIG differences between kids who resisted reading and kids who didn’t. (Sorry to burst your bubble, most teachers can tell when you don’t read.)

It’s important to know that both boys and girls resisted reading in equal numbers, however, with only a few tweaks on my part, girls got over themselves much faster and easily won the reading game.

Boys, not so much. And this worried me. Greatly.

I tried everything I could think to do, but nothing worked, and I usually made things worse. 

Then boys started to invite me to their sports games on the weekends. And I didn’t miss one! Sitting on the sidelines of those games was where I had my ton-of-bricks aha moment: I’m not a coach for my boys. Far from it.

Think of a football game. Imagine if the referee and commentator were in charge of helping boys to win the Reading Game. That was me!

From that epiphany forward, I talked to hundreds of boys to find out what they needed from me, researched, and engaged in a lot of trial and error until I finally figured out the 10 Plays boys need to read.

Check out FOOTBALL & READING to learn more about what’s in the Win the Reading Game Playbook. 

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Win the Reading Game: The Ultimate 10x Reading-Reboot Playbook for Boys